Attack of the clones

2018, fashion has been turned into something that isn’t personal, unique or individual to fit a persons style. Fashion now, is walking down the street and witnessing a cacophony of red, blue or black hooded poofy coats, colossal hoops mixed with an array of black trainers.

But why does everyone dress the same why does no one think out the of the box anymore? There’s no colourful extravagant jackets or striped shoes. It seems that everyone is trying to fit in with everyone else. What is society going to do about the multitude of clones passing down a street each day?

you can see that a lot of fashion and trends from the 90s are starting to emerge, a recent trend was the clueless plaid skirts. But then again even those trends get turned into something that everyone wears and then goes out of fashion.Which brings back the question of why can’t everyone just wear something unique to them?

It’s the obsession with being popular which makes people dress in this way, people follow the crowd to fit in.

I think that one of my biggest fears is becoming a clone, doing my makeup, hair and dressing the same as everyone else. Because the way you dress is how you express yourself and your not doing that if, everyone dresses the same. Is there no creativity left in fashion?

I think that this occurs mainly in teenagers, I think that once you leave school and realise there is no one to impress or fit in with, you wear what you want. Another question is was it any different before?

Yes it was there will always trends or crazes that everyone wears, the point is that now it’s even worse than before. Everyone is always complaining about the uniforms they have to wear in school, but when they are out of school they all dress the same anyway, so what’s the difference?

The difference is again that when people wear what they want they fit in, there is the element of pressure. Whereas in school they are being told to wear something, so it doesn’t make them any more popular.

In conclusion, people should be able to wear what they want to and shouldn’t feel like they have to dress a certain way, to meet society’s high standards.